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September/October 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

With an increasingly polarized and divided world, we must stand united on the issues that are undeniably in need of reform. We must maintain our values of respect, consideration, and desire to do good. We must not conduct ourselves in irresponsible and harmful manners. We must not stay within our own bubble and avoid the many issues those around us are facing. With logic and openness, we can support those in our community. We must continue to stay active, educated, and supportive in order to progress and move towards change.

With thanks to the great and continuous support, in the month of September And October, we continued our support for our local communities by:

  • Collecting over $1,000 and many other donations for Hunger Action Month

  • Supporting Alex’s Mission’s initiative to support the homeless by providing weekly meals and taking care of different needs

  • Providing Lazarus House with additional meals to support those in need, especially the homeless

  • Serving weekly meals at Hesed House to support the homeless

  • Contributing to the USK4Water Anganwadi collaboration with PURE India project to help four women and many other children to improve their education

  • Teaching kids in Kenya and India through the KS Foundation Youth Team

  • Organized festive season shopping for small home-based women-owned businesses

  • KS Foundation Youth team is running a Diwali fundraiser by selling diyas, and all the money raised will be donated for homeless kids meals

We are incredibly grateful for all of those who support us. Whether it be through monetary donations, item donations, volunteering, spreading our message, or anything else, we greatly appreciate all of the supporters we have. It would be amazing if you could continue your support and help us in tackling the issues that our communities face. For children and young adults, there are many opportunities to be active and join us. You can volunteer and earn a leadership position. From participating in charity, not only does a person get satisfaction from their ability to support those in need, but they also build character. There are many rewards and achievements to signify this character that is built. Recently, Ashwin Ramesh and Sidhant Kapur of our Youth Team were awarded with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for their dedication and commitment. We encourage any and all people to support KS Foundation in any way they can. Once again, we thank all of the supporters we have, and with their support, we are able to help our communities!

To volunteer please reach out to us.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong & Healthy.

KS Foundation Inc is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.

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