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Year End Review Newsletter

Reflecting on 2023, we are extremely proud of our impact together and look forward to expanding upon this in the year ahead. Indeed, our pursuit of progress remains unwavering. Finding true resilience in the face of adversity and in the midst of tumultuous challenges, we discover how combining our strengths with your steadfast support has served as a fervent catalyst for growth, empowering us to capitalize on the presented opportunities to create positive change. For hardship may appear to be a hindrance. Still, in reality, together, we forge a stronger community – one that is dedicated to bettering the lives of those around us and embarking on a transformative path forward.

Revisiting some of the main highlights from KS Foundation's 2023, together, we: 

  • Assisted elderly individuals by aiding them with their errands and meals

  • Served weekly meals at homeless shelters, such as Hesed House and Lazarus House, through our Feed the Hungry initiative

  • Distributed meals and milk to various pantries, shelters, and centers in celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi

  • Served vegetarian lunches for all nine days of Navratri at various food shelters

  • Celebrated Diwali with an annual diya drive, using the funds raised for the provision of hot vegetarian meals at homeless shelters and senior centers

  • Teamed up with Sewa Diwali Chicago group, collectively gathering thousands of pounds of food

  • Distributed non-perishable items to food pantries and individuals in need during Thanksgiving

  • Coordinated contributions of food, clothing, and essential items for nearby homeless shelters and food pantries through our Holiday Donation Drive initiative

This past Thanksgiving, the KS Foundation partnered with the Raksha Foundation to donate non-perishable goods to the Humanitarian Service Project. The hundreds of gathered goods were distributed to support those in need throughout various communities. Driven by the motive to make personal connections with the underprivileged through the power of creativity and interaction, we aimed to utilize this Thanksgiving drive as a way of expressing the importance of sustaining communal support through gifting food to various groups in need of this kind of love during the holiday of togetherness. With everyone's support, this partnership was enormously successful as it concluded with an impactful outcome, proving how the simple mobilization of a community can truly change lives.

As a community organization, we can only serve underrepresented and in-need populations through your incredible and ongoing assistance in fulfilling our mission. Whether you simply want to engage with your community or feel like giving back due to something like an upcoming birthday or anniversary, we would like to reiterate that you can contact us if you would like to sponsor any programs or meal services. Additionally, we have various volunteer opportunities for students to get involved and be active. 

More specifically, if you are looking to make a meaningful social impact, there are various possibilities for you to get involved, including: 

  • Supporting the Donate A Bhojan program, which aims to distribute food to underprivileged areas in India

  • They are engaging with the Gyan Jyoti scholarship program designed for economically disadvantaged students for higher Education.

  • Contributing through donations of food, clothing, basic necessities, or financial aid

  • Providing assistance in organizing various events or meal services

Rather than conforming to the ordinary and accepting the travesties those in need face, we at KS Foundation work to stand out and create the change that we wish to see. However, without your invaluable support, our endeavors would be futile. Your backing enables us to transform our aspirations into impactful initiatives. Once more, we sincerely value all that you provide and express our gratitude for everything you do.

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