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Gyan Jyoti Scholarship Program 2023 Update

About Gyan Jyoti:

KS Foundation has launched a Scholarship Program- Gyan Jyoti that

will assist high school students with minimal or no financial means continue

their education and achieve their academic goals.

Through this program, K.S. foundation will help needy young adults, today's youth of India make their dreams come true- dreams of earning a healthy and comfortable livelihood and securing a respectable position and name for themselves in the society by acquiring college degrees in varied fields ranging from Healthcare, Information

technology, Law etc.

Our scholarship funds will pay towards:

• Tuition fees

• Living expenses

• Books and miscellaneous expenses and, we won't stop there. Through our network of

partners and volunteers, we will also assist these college graduates with Placement opportunities.

Your kind donations will be in a Scholarship pool and funds will be distributed on a need base.

A quarterly report will be shared with all our donors, which will include details like Student name, college and path pursued, report cards and other accomplishments along with student photos.

Join us in lighting this 'Jyoti' by making higher education possible for many

underprivileged but hard working, intelligent and deserving young adults in

India. Together, we can uplift and empower this young generation by

giving them the BEST GIFT OF ALL...the Gift of Education.

Since past 1.5 years, we have adopted 3 young adults.

1. Vishal Bawa - studying Computer science engineering in Delhi. He got full

scholarship for tuition, we are paying for his full room and board and meals. He is son of daily wage workers, and a A+ student.

2. Dev Kumar- high school student on premedical path, in Ludhiana Punjab His parents washed dishes in a facility kitchen and lost their job in Covid. His father passed away this July, and his mother was going to pull him out of school to work. We offered to let him continue his high school education and pursue his dream of becoming a dr. KS is paying for his entire tuition and all education related expenses.

3. Farah Sheikh, daughter of a sex worker in Mumbai has pursued her Bachelors degree in US. She wants to further her education and study Nursing as she had a calling while interning in a hospital during COVID years. She has the perseverance and academic ability, but very limited means to pursue her dream of being a health care giver. K.S. Foundation would like to support her by sponsoring her tuition for 2 year Nursing program at Stanbridge University, California. She will be working part time to pay for her room and board. Your kind donations will help her achieve her goal and gain a respectable life.

Thank you for your kind support for our Gyan Jyoti fund🙏🙏🙏

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