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March 2021 Newsletter

With portals to the world in the comfort of our pockets, we have the ability to determine the scale of our existence. Pretentious as it may seem, technology allows us to choose whether we observe the world from the view of an average middle school microscope or that of even the grandest telescope. Meaning, we can choose to remain blissfully unaware or attempt to embrace the world along with its unfortunate realities. Truly, perspective is the tool that allows one to size up their existence entirely. Intelligence, activity, awareness, progressiveness, correctness -- perspective will enable one to see that such concepts exist not as binary but rather on a complex gradient. With such a concept being used to value or devalue, it is ultimately up to oneself to determine whether or not they did as they had hoped. As mentioned earlier, it remains our choice as to whether or not our perspective's scale will encapsulate the unpleasant truths that may present themselves to us. Despite the easy negligibility of negatives and dislikes, one certainly should address the faults that one sees. Such is the extent of organizations such as these -- a group of people who use their perspective to acknowledge and redress the unfortunate shortcomings blatantly around us. Willful ignorance is blissful to none but oneself.

Throughout the course of the month of March 2021, we were able to support our local communities by:

  • Serving a pizza lunch at Hesed House for St. Patrick's Day

  • Providing monthly dinners to various homeless shelters, such as Lazarus House and Hesed House

  • Donating goods from Panera Bread to Lazarus House

  • Assisting senior citizens with their errands and arranging for their COVID-19 vaccines

  • Aiding local families with their groceries and other necessities

  • Helping different local homeless shelters and food pantries

  • Distributing 200+ gallons of milk to homeless shelters, food pantries, and less fortunate families for the Hindu festival Shivratri

Recently, KS Foundation -- more specifically, our founder and CEO Ratna Kapur -- was graced with the honor of being named as one of the Top 20 Chicagoland Women of Excellence of 2021. We are grateful that our efforts have reached a scale at which they are proudly received. We are thankful that our efforts have carried enough weight to be recognized for their impact. We are incredibly grateful that we are in a position that allows us to extend the net of our charity's services and continue to make a difference. There is much work to be done in improving our communities, and we will be there to do the best we can. Our supporters and team members are indeed the ones who allow us to continue, expand, and improve our collective influence capacity, and we are extremely appreciative of that fact.

With KS Foundation being dependent on community members' efforts, such as yourself, we thank you for your assistance and wish to continue working with you. All donations -- of time, monetary value, goods -- are gratefully accepted. Whether it be through donating $30 a month to support orphans in India, Kenya, and the United States or through volunteering, there are many resources for you to make a lasting impact. Thank you, and we hope to continue to be of great aid to our local communities.

To volunteer, please reach out to us.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong & Healthy.

KS Foundation Inc is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.

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