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February 2021 Newsletter

KS Foundation acts in order to make genuine contributions to those in need. With that in mind, by being proactive and working with one another, we are able to take action. We encourage you to make efforts to do the same. With open arms, we welcome any of your kind donations or unselfish volunteer time. Whether it be through assisting us with our weekly meals or sponsoring children from Kenya, there are many ways to make a positive difference in the world.

During the month of February, we were able to support our communities by:

  • Serving a special Super Bowl pizza lunch at Hesed House

  • Serving Indian food for the Hesed House Valentine’s Day dinner

  • Arranging our monthly dinner for Lazarus House

  • Providing goods to Lazarus House on a weekly basis

  • Arranging for senior citizens to get their COVID-19 vaccine

  • Assisting multiple families by giving them groceries and other necessities

  • Adopting numerous orphans in Kenya to fund their education, lodging, food, and other essentials

  • Helping seniors with their needs, such as meals and groceries

When dealing with issues of hunger and poverty, the struggle may be painfully commonplace. However, when we support one another, not through false hope and toxicity, but instead through genuine understanding and compassion, we are able to continue to make an impact and support one another. Because of this, we greatly appreciate all the encouragement and feedback that we receive from both those on the giving and receiving end of KS Foundation’s actions. Using your words as motivation, we are able to continue working towards the betterment of our society. Similarly, we are extremely thankful for all those -- the volunteers, team members, donors, cheerleaders -- who support us.

We are grateful to the organizations, such as Panera Bread, Little Pops NY Pizza Express, Ashyana Banquets, Sams Club Montgomery, and others who have graciously presented a helping hand working within our communities. By working together and combining all of our distinct aspects, we are able to create an organization that functions with the goal of improving our communities.

To volunteer, please reach out to us.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong & Healthy.

KS Foundation Inc is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.

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