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June 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Often, progress is far from easy. For meaningful work to be done, genuine effort must be put in. By simply thinking and lazing around, one can only go so far. Indeed, not taking action may be easier and simpler, but taking the initiative and working hard is more conducive to success and fulfillment. Despite potential apprehensions about taking the necessary steps to complete designated goals, we absolutely must begin trying to accomplish our tasks. Combining intent, ability, and effort allows for our goals to be fulfilled.

During the month of June, we assisted others by:

  • Providing monthly dinners to Hesed House and Lazarus House

  • Donating goods from Panera Breads to Lazarus House and seniors homes

  • Raising over $8,000 in support of COVID-19 victims in India through our Hope to Breathless fundraiser.

  • Collaborating with Bike Bald Group to clean up and arrange donations for those affected by the tornado in Naperville

  • Assisting senior citizens with their errands.

  • Aiding local families with their groceries and other necessities.

Through the work of volunteers, donors, team members, and other supporters, we have been able to make progress worth mentioning. By no means has the process been excessively easy, but through the process of organization, participation, and cooperation, KS Foundation has been able to work meaningfully towards accomplishing our goals. For that, we thank you. Whether it be through donating $30 a month to support orphans in India, Kenya, and the United States or through volunteering, there are many resources for you to make a lasting impact. Thank you, and we hope to continue to be of great aid to our local communities.

To volunteer, please reach out to us.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong & Healthy.

KS Foundation Inc is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.

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