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September 2021 Newsletter

Inevitably, in the course of our activities, we will encounter failure. Failures -- whether or significant or merely passing -- are growth opportunities. For if you never fall down, you can never bounce back. Falling short of expectations allows us to define ourselves using experience. In being knocked down, set back, beat around, the true matter of importance is how we continue forward. We must continue to hold our heads high and press onward. In tempering a sword, the blade must be subjected to extreme heat and pressure in order to strengthen it.

Over the course of September, we:

  • Supported homeless shelters, such as Hesed House and Lazarus House, with dinner provisions and other food donations

  • Donated goods from Panera Breads to homeless shelters and seniors homes weekly

  • Assisted senior citizens with necessary errands

  • Aided several families by supplying groceries and other necessities

  • Participated in Hunger Action Month by organizing food distribution efforts in India and Kenya

  • We participated in Hunger Action Month by making weekly donations to Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry Aurora. We received a thank you note from the Marie Wilkinson food pantry to proudly say that we made donations and a difference in someone's life. We are glad that every supporter of the KS Foundation took Action to end HUNGER IN SEPTEMBER

On October 16th, we will be organizing a Festive Season Shopping fundraiser. Various women-owned businesses will be able to set up booths in the Mall of India Naperville il. Reach out to us if you have any inquiries, and we look forward to your participation.

To volunteer, please reach out to us.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong & Healthy.

KS Foundation Inc is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.

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