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August 2021 Newsletter

Whatever we picture our potential to be is often but a limited picture of what we are truly capable of. As people of doubt, we tend to set limiters on our ability to not disappoint or dream too big. By no means should we be lost in the clouds, but we should still keep our heads above the ground. Looking at things from a realistic perspective, we must seek to fulfill rather than not dissatisfy.

During the month of August, we:

  • Supported homeless shelters, such as Hesed House and Lazarus House, with dinner provisions and other food donations

  • Donated goods from Panera Breads to homeless shelters and seniors homes weekly

  • Assisted senior citizens with necessary errands

  • Aided several families by supplying groceries and other necessities

One of the core pillars of KS Foundation is focused on combating hunger. As simple as it may seem, everyone deserves access to food. With this September, Hunger Action Month begins, and in accordance with this, we are taking our own steps in order to provide food for those who have little to none. We provide daily meal services for homeless shelters, donate to local food pantries, and arrange food for seniors. We urge you to make a contribution. Your donations can be that of food, monetary value, and time as a volunteer. What we take as a passing thought, others take as a privilege. Support the local community and contribute towards combating hunger. You can reach out to us to learn more and take action.

Here is the link to Support our HUNGER ACTION MONTH Fundraiser:

To volunteer, please reach out to us.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong & Healthy.

KS Foundation Inc is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.

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