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August 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

It is our responsibility as members of a community to look out for others and be considerate. Our role as community members is not limited to our local community, rather it also extends to the global community. No matter the scale, we are all connected. With our connections, we must work together and support others in any way possible. We must take a united stand to tackle the many problems in our communities. Taking action is not limited to donating and volunteering. It is equally as important to take action by spreading awareness about the issues that our community face. In our times of technology, we can connect with others, raise awareness, and gain support. With the great extent of our reach, we must use our platforms to educate those in our communities, so we can take on the problems around us.

During August, we were able to support those in our community by:

  • Continuing our support for many local homeless shelters, food pantries, street outreach programs, and people in need

  • Providing dinners through the PADS programs at Hesed House

  • Serving daily lunches to Family Shelter at Hesed House

  • Holding a KS Foundation Hunger Action Month Donation Drive to raise awareness and collect donations to fight the rampant hunger problem-

There are many ways to get involved with KS Foundation. To support us, you can volunteer, donate, and sponsor a child’s meal for less than $1 a day. A child is waiting for you and your sponsorship. Be a hero in the life of a child by spending $25/month which nurtures the kid with a month full of a wholesome meal!

We greatly appreciate all of our donors, volunteers, and team members. We thank all of our supporters because, with all of them, we can support those around us. We wish to continue our work, spread awareness, and further create positive change.

To volunteer please reach out to us.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong & Healthy.

KS Foundation Inc is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.

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