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November 2021 Newsletter

In pursuing success, we may easily get lost in striving for ideals. However, we may lose appreciation for progress. Instead, anything short of those ideals is a failure. Even so, we must remember: don’t let perfection be the enemy of better. Ideals and reality are two different concepts, and in chasing our set of goals, we may be left unsatisfied and upset over potential shortcomings. However, the pursuit of perfection is impossible without pushing forward the plane of progress. Whereas ideals are mental conjurings of what should be, better is the concrete establishment of what feasibly improves.

In the month of November 2021, we:

  • Arranged for weekly dinners and donations for Hesed House

  • Distributed goods from Panera to senior centers and homeless shelters

  • Assisted seniors and families in need with their errands and other necessities

  • Adopted in-need families to provide them with Thanksgiving dinners and other necessities

  • Worked with Sant Nirankari Mission to organize a coat and toy drive

  • Received a proclamation from the city of Naperville in recognition for helping in donating nearly 20,000 lbs of food as part of Sewa Diwali 2021

As we head through the month of December, we enter the season of giving. You may partake in festive giving with friends and family, but we ask you not to neglect the unfortunate plethora of people who find themselves without support in what should be a time of abundance and rejoice. With that, we will be organizing a Holiday Donation Drive, collecting clothing, food, and other basic necessities in order to support local homeless shelters and food pantries. We ask that you be aware of how your situation may differ from others and what you can do to help.

Additionally, we would once again like to mention how we have recently partnered with Bhojan as part of Donate a Bhojan, where efforts are made to distribute food to low-income areas in India. We would greatly appreciate your participation. #FEEDBHARAT

To volunteer, please reach out to us.


Stay Safe, Stay Strong & Healthy.

KS Foundation Inc is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.

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